Panorama view

Dorze Lodge

Welcome to the site of Dorze Lodge.
In the fantastic mountains of the Dorze People close to Arba Minch, we have recently build a spectaculair lodge which is completely runned an owned bij the Dorze People. This is an unique project, where all services and products are traditionally made by the Dorze Community, from the traditonal on-site woven sheets to the self made honey.

About Dorze lodge

Have you been searching for something different and natural place, when you are heading to the cultural diversity and tribal destination in the south part of Ethiopia? Then you have Dorzelodge, one of best view overlooking the biggest rift valley lakes, Abaya and Chamo and Nechisar national park from the same spot. From which you can also enjoy the astonishing view over the surroundings and the weather is breath taking.

Dorze lodge is situated at 497 km South of Addis and takes you 1Km off road from all weather road connecting Arba Minch and Chencha.
Especially in Ethiopia the shortage of Tourist destinations which combines comfortable accommodation and natural and cultural attractions is the main complain by many Turists. Dorze loge appears to be the best destination to respond for such complains.

The lodge is situated close of the local Dorze dwellers where our guests can have a firsthand experience sharing about the livelihood of the people.
This is the main reason according to us, community based tourism is important element in our business endeavor. The income from Tourists could trickle down to the local people to ensure sustainable development of the people’s livelihood.

As mentioned earlier the Dorze village is located in the mountain part of Arbaminch area which creates a unique view over the lake and the backland valley. The area is well situated for daily activities, e.g. village tour, horse or mule riding, trekking to the mountains and all activities around Arbaminch.

This place is one of the best peaceful and quite to get good rest from your busy life. We thank you to choose to stay with us

*Spectacular landscape
*Blending in with local community
*Great hiking and trekking   possibilities
*Unique Dorze-style houses
*High quality weaving of cotton
*Nice temperate climate
*Free from malaria
*Reception opened 24/7